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The Window room was built in collaboration with Sobinco a window fitting producer from Belgium and the Charles Brooking Collection, owning the most extensive collection of English windows. Our aim in this room is to show the visitors how windows look like and are made today compared to 50 years ago. The complexity of the window has shifted from the visible exterior ornaments (The Charles Brooking Collection) such as the locks, handles, hinges etc. To the invisible and hidden fittings of the window and the production processes necessary to create the “modern” window. The devicification of the window.


We imported/recreated part of the company as it is in Waregem (Belgium). There is a collection of moulds which are used to cast pieces of the fittings, a grinding machine used to planish the individual pieces, (an average window fitting contains 77 different parts! ) , a test machine where to windows are tested up to 10.000 cycles (according to European requirements) before they can be brought on the market. Juxtaposed in this room we created a wall with multiple recesses to hold a selection of English windows from the Charles Brooking Collection.






Finished: 2014


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