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Submission/Pitch for the exhibition design of Unfair

By Office CCXD


Studio Anne Dessing




Office CCXD and Studio Anne Dessing were selected to jointly develop an exhibition design proposal for UNFAIR 2018 in the Zuiveringshal, Amsterdam. The location made us think about a hangar for a zeppelin. Instantly we wanted to create a large singular object that just seems to fit in the space. As such we developed the exhibition as if it was an installation in itself, The Zeppelin.

Within this concept, our design strategy was based on a crucial aspect of Unfair: “The artists are the ruler of their own presentation”.  We took this very literally, and rather than creating one space for 40 artists, we created 40 identical rooms. The entire plan is transformed by rotating a selection of spaces around its geographic centerpoint. Through this manipulation certain rooms penetrate the adjacent rooms, creating overlaps and openings. Eventually our final plan consists of only four types of triangular display objects/structures. This and the limited amount of walls is creating a radically different experience for the visitors. 

Our aim for this exhibition was to create the fantastic feeling of boarding a Zeppelin, as if you are going on a trip through a different universe. The surrounding curtain is used as a theatrical and aesthetic device to unify the concept (Zeppelin) and strategy (40 spaces) into a monumental exhibition-object.

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