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For this project, we asked ourselves a question: How can we create an intense movement over which we have no control? The reason for this question came up because all the creation we make are defined by ourselves. This time we wanted the creation to be objective. The spiral as a shape seemed to contain the most movement in itself, and the spinning top was the perfect tool to create those spirals objectively in time and space. The tests where positive, but the spinning top was still activated by us…

Therefore we designed a machine that activates the top with the exact same force each time we tested the machine in various indoor and outdoor spaces to maximize the data records from that particular location; distance travelled by the top, spinning time, temperature, sound, etc.. We did this 480 times and with these data we were able to create an installation in which we manufactured and hung 480 different tolls. The machine determined their features and position in space.



With Stijn Devos


Material : Wood, steel,

plastic, paper.


Finished: 2011



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