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In al my previous works and installations I was always on the search for some kind of beauty. It was inevitable, my graduation work had to be about this specific topic. I approached this topic from two different angels. The first one was “Aesthetic Beauty”; this brought me 300 years back in time when beauty was still fairly regulated. The second one “Beauty of life” starts from a personal perspective: Nomadism. In the model (See images above) and the short film (See next page) these two theories are merged into the development of a new nomadic society where the contemporary power structures, which are based on sedentary life will no longer have a grip on the new nomadic population. The roads are the tools to the freedom of men and along these roads new nerve heads will arise. These are the pivotal points for a new society where nomadism of architecture will constitute beauty as the basis of life: “The Anarchist Playground”. This theory was then projected on Casablanca in Morocco, the site that was chosen.   




Materials : Wood


Finished: 2012



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