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With: Laurence Bolhaar


Commisioned by:

Solid Nature


In collaboration with:

Petra Blaisse/Inside-Outside


Finished: 2015

Dimensions: 14m x 15m



Solid Nature is the only company in the world controlling the whole production process of processing natural stone from the quarries to applications all around the world. Their collection comprises stones in over 600 colours, including onyx, marbles, travertine’s, granites and semi-precious stones.  

Le Salon or Salon de Paris was the greatest annual or biennial art event in the Western world between 1748 and 1890. Its main aim was to create an environment to exhibit the work, meet people and do business. For Solid Nature we created a similar environment. Powerful sequences of natural stone slabs are following 4 Diagonal axes acting as a mediator & threshold between the inside excavated spaces and the exterior. The four approachable sides of the installation have a different character through the type/color of stone; Black Marble, White Marble, lark colored & light colored stones.

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© Cédric Van Parys

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