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With: Laurence Bolhaar


Commisioned by:

Solid Nature


In collaboration with:

Petra Blaisse/Inside-Outside


Finished: 2015

Dimensions: 8m x 5m



For the space at the Monaco Yacht Show we designed a space for Solid Nature where stone is perceived as soft, thin and floating rather than hard, heavy and rooted. The fabric projection screens are arranged to create an exhibition like environment. Thresholds of projected stone lead the visitors to the back of the pavilion where the bar and physical samples of stone extrude from walls of black mesh. The projections vary from stills of polished stones and of the quarries, to the production processes and the finished applications. 


The installation aims to express both the complexity and detail of Solid Nature’s precious stones, and the intricate and skilled work that is required in the quarrying and application processes, all of which is conducted by Solid Nature.

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