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The increasing simplification of architecture has always been an obstacle to me. Consequently I have always wanted to make a statement against minimalism and its lazy streamlined character. Therefore I went looking into the presence of detail in architecture in a very meticulous and narrow-minded way. The researches I have conducted − and the philosophers encountered in the process − lead me towards the concept of "alienation" of and in architecture, with detail as the means to obtain this alienation. Jacques Derrida a French literary critic and philosopher – whose writings have been of a mayor influence to me and to this project – was one of the founders of deconstructionism. He developed the theory of ‘The Strange’ and how the strange is to be found in The Fracture, Fraction or simply in The Cut. My goal here is to recreate and (re) discover this strange and innovative feeling through the detail present in old buildings, more particularly cathedrals and old government buildings. 




Material : Inox, Alluminum


Finished: 2012



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