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The balcony can be seen as the mediator between inside and outside, between private and public. Within this concept we defined the two mayor manifestations of a Balcony. The first one is the social democratic registration of mass individualism. The micro political balcony is used by its owners everywhere in the world to show who you are and what you stand for. But at the same time it emerges into the face of the skyscraper and the city.

The second manifestation is the balcony as political platform, the macro political balcony. Balconies by themselves are apolitical and need to be activated to be politicized. For example the balcony of Palazzo Venetia, which became famous after Mussolini used it as his platform to declare war again France and Britain in front of a large crowd. I recreated a selection of significant balconies, which have been on display in the Balcony room on the 14th  Venice International Architecture Biennale.






Finished: 2014



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