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In collaboration with:


& Alexander Gershberg


Het Nieuwe Instituut

The Surtout de Table first appeared in the 17th century as a utilitarian object designed to protect polished wooden tables. It rapidly evolved to fill the role of ornamental table centrepiece, and was often made in sections allowing its length to be determined by the leaves added to the table. 

This “Surtout de Table” is an industrial aluminium version of long galleried table centrepiece. Apart from being an ornament, the top of each cone can be opened—as such functioning as a one-piece flower vase. 

This work was commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut for The Chromatic Dinner events, a multi-sensory dinner experience co-initiated by Martin Butler and chef Alexander Gershberg. These events have been organised in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Seattle, Beijing and will continue to travel to other cities around the globe. I will be creating more table centrepieces to be displayed on the tables during the dinners. 


*These objects are produced as part of 

© Cédric Van Parys

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